2009-2010 BC Senior Boys' "AAA" Basketball Championships
The Agrodome (Vancouver BC)
 March 16-20, 2010

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Host hotel for the
"AAA" Boys'
BC Championships
in Vancouver


Draw for the 65th Annual BC Championships

Saturday March 20, 2010 Loser Game 29 Team: Vancouver College  
Game 34 Pitt Meadows Score: 67-61  
   Scheduled start time:  5:30 p.m. Loser Game 30 Vancouver College is 3rd  
   Actual start time:  5:32 p.m. Vancouver College Pitt Meadows is 4th  

   Jump Ball won by:

Pitt Meadows

          Pitt Meadows

          Vancouver College

   1st Quarter Score: Pitt Meadows 21-17 PM 21-17 VC           Mike Lewandowski 23           Phillip Scrubb 36
   2nd Quarter (Half-time) Score: Van College 18-8 PM 29-35 VC           Malcolm Williams 12  
   3rd Quarter Score: Van College 16-15 PM 44-51 VC    
   Final Score: Pitt Meadows 17-16 PM 61-67 VC    



1st Quarter

3rd Quarter

Pitt Meadows wins the tip Pitt has the ball to start the 3rd
Teams trade misses Lewandowski gets his own board and put it back for 2
PM #10 Spencer Evans with a 3 VC foul
Teams trade buckets Lewandowski makes good from the line for the 3-point play
VC boards their own miss Living for 2 for Pitt
Evans with the board and then turns it over on the break 9:00 - VC 35-34
VC makes Evans pay for his mistake VC #3 Forsythe with his 2nd foul - team foul #2
Pitt misses - VC doesn't - VC 6-5 Evans picks up a loose ball around the hoop but misses the 3' jumper
PM #8 Cole Living misses a 3 but then hustles back and gets the block Ling-Lee from Scrubb on a nice pick-and-roll
PM #11 Malcolm Williams with the trey - PM 8-6 Teams trade misses - Evans with the board
VC misses - PM #15 Wadaj Nour with the board VC #22 Ling-Lee with his 1st foul - team foul #3
Pitt misses - VC #20 Matt Yue for 2 in transition Norrie, with his 2nd, comes across and fouls Scrubb
PM #24 Tyler Norrie with nice feed into PM #21 Mike Lewandowski for 2 Scrubb is good for 2 from the line
Living called for this 1st foul - team foul #1 on PM 7:11 - VC 39-34
VC #3 Jackson Forsythe gets 1 for 2 from the line Pitt misses - VC boards
5:25 - PM 10-9 PM #11 Williams with his 1st foul - team foul #2
Pitt misses - VC boards Scrubb at the line for 2
Forsythe misses - gets his own boards - then turns it over attacking the hoop Swishes both - VC 41-34
VC gets the board of their own miss Norrie is going to the line
Pitt steals the inbounds pass VC #14 Scrubb with his 2nd foul - team foul #4
Williams for 2 for Pitt Norrie makes 1 - Lewandowski boards it and puts it back for 2
VC #14 Phillip Scrubb for 3 and a tied game at 12 Scrubb for 2 more - giving him 24 so far in the game
3:10 to go 5:50 - VC 43-37
Pitt turns it over Pitt called for a 30-second violation
Forsythe with the miss - Lewandowski with the board Travelling on Jackson Forsythe
Out of bounds off of Pitt VC #13 Sam Williams with his 1st foul
PM #24 Norrie with his 1st foul - team foul #2 At the line for 2 is Cole Living
VC #14 Scrubb at the line for 2 Living misses both
Scrubb drops them both for a 14-12 VC lead Lewandowski with the board on a VC miss
Lewandowski for 2 from in the paint Living drives hard and draws the foul
Coverage breakdown by Pitt leaves VC #22 Garrett Ling-Lee wide open under the hoop for 2 VC #3 Forsythe with his 3rd foul
Evans for 2 Living shooting 2 - makes 1 of 2
PM #23 Lee Lukiw with his 1st - team foul #3 Lewandowski boards it - misses it - boards it again - then scores a well earned 2
Scrubb makes 1 of 2 from the line 3:50 - VC 43-40
1:17 - VC 17-16 Teams trade misses
Lukiw for 3 Forsythe for 2
:58.5 - VC #14 Scrubb called for the offensive foul - his 1st Williams from Evans in transition
No intensity yet - teams just going about their business Scrubb for 2
Pitt misses and gets their own board - playing for last shot 3:03 - VC 47-42
Another great feed inside to Lewandowski for 2 VC #12 Vincent Tolentio for 2
END of 1st Quarter - Pitt Meadows up 21-17 Norrie goes hard to the hole but gets nothing
  2:09 - PM #11 Williams with his 2nd foul - team foul #3

2nd Quarter

Forsythe at the line for 2 - misses both - VC boards - then misses
VC has the ball to start the 2nd Pitt turns it over
Scrubb receives the sweet ally-oop for 2 1:48 to go
Teams trade misses Tolentino muscles one up for 2
Scrubb with the steal and drives right down Main Street for 2 - game tied at 21 Pitt turns it over under full-court pressure for VC
Teams trade misses - Norrie with the board for Pitt 1:07 - VC 51-42
Evans to Lewandowski for 2 :54.1 - VC with the airball - Pitt ball out of bounds
PB #23 Lukiw with his 2nd foul - team foul #1 After several Pitt attempts around the hoop, Lewandowski tips it in
VC #3 Forsythe shooting 2 :05.3 - VC #14 Scrubb is called for the charge - his 3rd
Misses both Lewandowski misses the 3 at the buzzer
Lukiw with the turnover trying to get it into Lewandowski in the post END of 3rd Quarter - Vancouver College leads 51-44
Scrubb comes back at Pitt hard and scores
Pitt with another turnover

4th Quarter

Lukiw with his 3rd foul - team foul #2 - Scrubb shooting 2 VC ball - PM #8 Cole Living with his 3rd foul - Scrubb makes the bucket and the and-1
6:53 - TO #1 Pitt Meadows - game tied at 23 Pitt turns it over
Scrubb drops the 1st one VC misses - Pitt boards
Misses the 2nd - Evans boards VC #13 Sam Williams with his 2nd foul - team foul #1
PM #11 Williams double clutches and then drains the 3 from the top of the key Pitt gets 1 of 2 from the line
VC #10 Patrick Bull is called for the offensive foul - team foul #1 Living picks up his 4th foul
Lewandowski badly misses an 8' jumper Scrubb at the line for 2
VC boards Makes both
PM #2 Matt Kollen with his 1st foul - team foul #3 9:17 - VC 56-45
VC misses twice - Pitt gets the board off the 2nd miss Delay as PM #8 Cole Living has to leave the game do to blood
Evans drains a 3 for Pitt Lewandowski for 2
Scrubb comes right back with a 3 of his own VC gets their own board and converts for 2
Pitt misses several opportunities - VC #7 Reiner Theil with a feed from Scrubb - tied at 29 8:35 - VC 59-47
Pitt misses - VC boards Pitt misses - VC turns it over
VC gets their own board - Theil with a long 2-pointer from the right side Evans misses a deep 3
Teams trade misses Scrubb for 2 more - 33 for the game
3:12 - VC 31-29 7:33 - TO #1 Pitt Meadows - VC 61-47
Lewandowski forces it and misses Bull with a rocket that misses for VC
VC does just was well and turns it over out of bounds Norrie with 2 as the 30 expires - VC 61-49
Pitt the turnover Norrie with the board for Pitt
PM #8 Living with his 2nd foul - team foul #4 PM #11 Williams with his 3rd foul - team foul #3
2:29 - TO #2 Pitt Meadows - VC 31-29 5:28 - TO #1 Vancouver College - VC 61-49
Forsythe misses - Evans boards VC misses - Pitt boards
PM #8 Living draws a foul against VC #3 Forsythe - his 1st - team foul #2 Norrie with the offensive board and the put-back for 2
Evans gets blocked from 18' Scrubb for 3 - 36 points
Forsythe for 2 Williams goes in soft and Scrubb blocks him easily
PM #22 Brett Snowball misses his 12' jumper VC misses - Pitt boards
Snowball then picks up his 1st foul Lewandowski misses a 3 - VC boards
Forsythe makes both the bonus shots Scrubb forces the 3 - Lewandowski boards the miss
1:10 - VC 35-29 Pitt misses - Scrubb to VC #6 Jimmy Bonner on the break-away
Evans forces a 3 - Norrie gets the board Pitt can't buy a bucket - Scrubb with the board
:43.5 - Pitt ball Scrubb with the turnover
Snowball gets stripped 2:05 - Living, with his bleeding chin taped, is back in the game
Evans boards a VC miss Pitt miss again
Pitt turns it over PM #23 Lukiw with his 4th foul
:03.3 - TO #1 Vancouver College - VC 35-29 VC #10 Bull at the line for 2 - makes both
Pitt steals the inbounds but misses the centre-court shot at the buzzer 1:36 - VC 67-51
END OF 1st HALF - Vancouver College leading 35-29 VC #14 Scrubb with his 4th foul - team foul #2
  Norrie to Lewandowski for the dunk
  VC misses - Evans fouled on the break
  VC #8 Kelvin Ip with his 1st foul
  Evans makes 1 from the line
  :46.4 - VC misses and knocks it out of bounds
  Norrie to Lewandowski for another dunk - VC 67-56
  :15.2 - VC called for over-and-back
  Living for 3
  Living steals it and scores at the buzzer
  END OF GAME - Vancouver College wins 67-61