2009-2010 BC Senior Boys' "AAA" Basketball Championships
The Agrodome (Vancouver BC)
 March 16-20, 2010

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"AAA" Boys'
BC Championships
in Vancouver


Draw for the 65th Annual BC Championships

Friday March 19, 2010 Winner Game 21 - Yale Team: Yale  
Game 29 Winner Game 22 - Pitt Meadows Score: 57-47  
       Scheduled start time:  7:00 p.m. Semi-Finals    
       Actual start time:  7:05 p.m.      

       Jump Ball won by:

Pitt Meadows


          Pitt Meadows

       1st Quarter Score: Yale 13-12 PM YA 13-12 PM           Marek Klaseen 23           Mike Lewandowski 23
       2nd Quarter (Half-time) Score: Pitt Meadows 10-9 YA 22-22 PM           Nakai Luyken 16           Spencer Evans 10
       3rd Quarter Score: Yale 19-12 YA 41-34 PM           Matt Letkeman 11  
       Final Score: Yale 16-13 YA 57-47 PM            



1st Quarter

3rd Quarter

Pitt wins the jump Pitt has the ball to start and score on their 1st shot
Teams trade misses Yale does not and Pitt boards
2 for Pitt Klassen stuffs Williams in transition
Yale turns it over Yale misses again
Pitt with their own offensive board Williams gets stripped trying to split two defenders
Pitt makes 2 foul-shots Yale converts in transition
Teams trade misses Out of bounds - last touched by Pitt
Williams called for goaltending Yale misses - gets their own board
Pitt for 2 Yale foul on Popken
7:20 - PM 6-2 Evans for Pitt on the put-back
Teams trade misses Yale scores - Williams fouls, his 4th - Luyken completes the 3-point play
Klassen for Yale for 2 Steal by Yale - airball by Yale
Pitt is called for travelling Pitt with their own board
Yale turns it over Yale's #5 Jordan Blackman with the foul
Pitt misses Evans with the hoop and the harm on the 3-point play
Yale misses Travelling on Yale
3 for Pitt 5:23 to go - Pitt 29-26
Pitt foul on #21 Lewadowski Pitt misses
Yale Popken for 2 - misses the foul-shot Yale doesn't - Klassen for 2
Pitt's Tyler Norrie with his 1st foul Evans bad pass is picked off
Teams trade misses Norrie called for his 3rd foul
Williams with the foul for Pitt Luyken at the line for 2 - makes both
Yale for 2 4:37 - Yale leads 30-29
Pitt throws up a brick - misses Pitt's #24 Norrie called for his 4th foul on an offensive push
PM #8 Cole Living with his 1st foul Yale misses a wide-open trey
Pitt up 9-8 Pitt forces it as the 30 runs low and misses
Yale's Marek Klassen for 2 Yale for 2
Pitt misses twice but gets their own board twice 3:22 - TO #1 Pitt Meadows - Yale 32-29
YA #8 Luyken with his 1st foul Pitt has the ball after the time-out
Count the bucket Pitt misses - Yale boards
3:10 - TO #1 Pitt Meadows - PM 11-10 Yale for 2 thanks to Marek Klassen
Williams at the line to complete the 3-point play No shooters on the floor for Pitt... and Yale knows it
drains it to make it 12-10 Yale for 3
Klassen with the turnover Lee Lukiw charged with an intentional foul
Pitt gets their own board the 1st time but not the 2nd time Luyken gets 1 for 2 from the line
Yale misses again Yale for 2
Pitt misses - Yale fumbles the ball out of bounds Power-forward Lewandowski drains a 3
Norrie called for the offensive foul - his 2nd - team foul #5 Pitt foul - Yale at the line - they make 1 of 2
2:02 to go - Pitt 12-10 1:25 - Yale 40-32
Pitt misses Pitt misses a 3
Pitt's #15 Wadaj Nour called for his 1st foul Pitt forces a tie-up - possession Yale
Luyken goes 1 for 2 from the line Yale called for a 30-second violation
Letkenman picks up the garbage and scores for Yale Lewandowski for 2
With less than 30 seconds to go - Williams misses a 3 Lewandowski with his 1st foul
Yale gets blocked :06.3 to go
Williams called for the charge Yale shooting 2 - makes 1
Yale misses at the buzzer Yale 41-34
END of 1st Quarter - Yale up 13-12 Pitt's 3 blocked at the buzzer
. END of 3rd Quarter - Yale leading 41-34

2nd Quarter

Yale has the ball to start the 2nd

4th Quarter

Yale coughs it up Pitt's ball to starts
Pitt for 2 and the lead at 14-13 Pitt misses - Yale doesn't - YA 43-34
Very sloppy game for a semi-final Pitt misses again
Pitt gets their own board Pitt's #2 Matt Kollen called for his 1st foul
Pitt for 3 - Spencer Evans Luyken at the line for 2
Yale misses again - Evans with the board Makes both
Williams for 2 Norrie doesn't want to shoot - Yale knows it and plays off him
7:22 - TO Norrie's pass is picked off
Yale for 3 Pitt's Cole Living called for the foul
Teams trade misses 8:21 - TO #2 Pitt Meadows - YA 45-34
Williams for 2 Luyken takes Mr 4 fouls Williams to the hole easily
5:56 to go - Pitt up 21-16 Lewandowski gets 2 at the line
Airball by Yale - out of bounds for Pitt Popken with his 4th foul
Williams with a steal Yale's #5 Blackman with the foul
Pitt's Lee Lukiw misses a 3 7:34 - TO #1 Yale - YA 47-36
Yale misses another from inside Pitt misses - Yale boards and then dribbles it out of bounds on the break
Pitt knocks it out of bounds Popken with his 5th foul
Yale throws away the inbounds pass - Pitt ball Norrie at the line for 2 - misses both charity shots
Pitt misses another 3 Yale called for travelling
Yale with another turnover - Pitt misses a wide-open break-away lay-up Travelling on Yale's #22 Mersad Masic
Yale #8 Luyken with his 2nd foul Norrie with the offensive board and is fouled going up
Yale misses again - then steals the ball and lays it in for 2 Yale's Marek Klassen with the foul
3:13 to go - Pitt 21-18 Norrie makes 1 of 2
Pitt misses a 17' jumper from the foul-line Pitt boards the miss
3:30 TO Pitt Meadows - Pitt up 21-18 Lewandowski for 2
Yale boards their own miss and puts it back for 2 Klassen for 2 for Yale
Pitt misses three times - Yale finally boards it Teams trade misses
Pitt boards a Yale miss Lewandowski with the foul on the boards
Yale steals it and misses a wide-open uncontested break-away Klassen for 2
Yale's Popken with his 2nd foul 5:10 to go - Yale 51-39
Norrie shooting 2 for Pitt - makes 1 of 2 Yale's #24 Letkeman with his 2nd foul - bonus
PM 22-20 Lewandowski at the line for 2
Yale with the put-back for a tie game at 22 drains both - Yale 51-41
:16.1 - Williams with the foul - his 3rd - team foul #1 Lee Lukiw with his 2nd foul
Yale misses Luyken at the line for 2 - makes 1
:04.5 Yale's Letkeman with a foul Yale boards the miss
Pitt misses at the buzzer Luyken from the right elbow
END OF 1st HALF - game tied at 22 Lewandowski for 2
Pitt Meadows dance team performing at the half. Luyken draws another foul - this time on Lukiw
Yale fans under the Yale basket showing ZERO class as they are jeering the Pitt dancers. Luyken misses the 2nd - Yale boards
  3:56 to go - Yale 55-43
  Williams misses for Pitt
  Lewandowski boards
  Williams with the Yale miss
  2:11 to go
  Evans for 2 - Yale 55-45
  2:00 to go
  Evans with the defensive board
  Ally-oop to Blackman for the dunk and the excalmation point!
  1:21 - TO #3 Pitt Meadows
  :50.3 - 30-second violation on Pitt Meadows
  Pitt boards the miss
  Lewandowski board the Williams miss - makes the bucket and is fouled
  Letkeman with the foul
  :21.1 TO #2 Yale - TA 57-47
  Lewandowski misses the foul-shot
  END OF GAME - Yale wins 57-47
  Commentary - NOT a well played game for a semi-final