2009-2010 BC Senior Boys' "AAA" Basketball Championships
The Agrodome (Vancouver BC)
 March 16-20, 2010

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"AAA" Boys'
BC Championships
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Draw for the 65th Annual BC Championships

Tuesday March 15, 2010 HS 2 - Carson Graham Team: Cowichan  
Game 3 VI 3 - Cowichan Score: 74-46  
       Scheduled start time:  2:30 p.m.      
       Actual start time:  2:32 p.m.      

       Jump Ball won by:


          Carson Graham


       1st Quarter Score: Cowichan 24-13 CO 24-13 CG           Kevin Arkoncel 10           Dan Hobden 31
       2nd Quarter (Half-time) Score: Cowichan 11-9 CO 35-22 CG    
       3rd Quarter Score: Cowichan 22-15 CO 57-37 CG    
       Final Score: Cowichan 17-9 CO 74-46 CG    



1st Quarter

3rd Quarter

Ted Webb just stopped by to say "Hi" to everyone watching! I have been asked to send along a hello to former Cowichan Coach Scott MacLeod who is in Thailand
Cowichan wins the tip and #55 Jordan Pendlebury opens it with a 2 CO #10 Dan Hobden had 16 in the 1st half
CO #10 Dan Hobden for 3 CG has the ball to start - and scores
Carson for 2 Teams trade turnovers
Pendlebury is unmatched in the post and muscles it up for 2 more Team trade buckets - Goulden for CO
CO #44 Steve McKinnon with the board CG #12 Garstin with the foul
Cowichan for 3 CG #8 Kasperast is hurt - left ankle by the looks of it - had to be helped off the court
Pendlebury knocks the defensive board loose Goulden looses the handle while attacking the hoop
Hobden for 2 more Ball end up going right to McKinnon who promptly drains a 15' baseline jumper
Carson for 3 CG misses - Hobden doesn't
6:30 to go - Cowichan up 12-5 7:26 to go - Cowichan firmly in control at 41-26
Marcus Goulden with a 3-point airball Teams trade turnovers
Ball out of bounds off of McKinnon - Carson misses again and gets their own board CG #13 McGrenera called for the charge
Carson with their 4th straight possession CO for 2 under the hoop
CO #3 Mitch Knippleberg with the steal and is fouled CO #55 Pendlebury called for the foul - his 3rd
First foul of the game on CG #10 McCartni Hackett Marmars and Roe come back into the game
Knippleberg makes both from the line 6:00 to go - CO 43-28
CO misses - then turns it over - then CG is called for a travel Roe slips through two defenders for an easy 2
Off of CO out of bounds Roe with the defensive board
Knippleberg with the defensive board McKinnon attacks from the point but misses
Hobden goes baseline for an 8' pull-up jumper Travelling on CG
CG called for a travel 4:58 to go - CO 47-28
Pendlebury going back into the game Roe misses and easy one - Marmars boards and is fouled going back up
Hobden with the one-handed pull up from 15' - is fouled - makes the bucket and the foul-shot 4:41 - TO #1 Carson Graham - Cowichan up 47-28
CG #10 Hackett with his 2nd foul Marmars at the line for 2
CO #55 Pendlebury is called for his 1st foul Makes his 1st - but not his 2nd
McKinnon goes in for Pendlebury Teams trade buckets - Marmars for CO
CG for 3 Roe with the defensive board
Hobden comes right back with a 2 McKinnon misses - Marmars battles for the board - out of bounds off of Marmars
2:45 to go - Cowichan is up 21-8 3:45 to go - CO 50-30
CG #13 Greigh McGrenera with a tough 2 off the glass The game appears to be quite even when watching it - the difference is that Cowichan is finishing around the hoop where Carson is not
CO misses their chance - as does CG CG for 2
CO misses as the 30 expires Teams trade misses
CO #3 Knippleberg with his 1st foul 2:40 to go - CO 50-32
Goulden goes back into the game for Hobden CG #13 McGrenera with his 4th foul
CG for 3 Hobden is guarded closely but still drains a trey on his defender's head
1:00 - Cowichan 21-13 2:20 to go - CO 53-32
CG #13 McGrenera with the foul CG for 2
CO #44 McKinnon at the line for 2 - makes 1 for 2 Turnover CO - Hobden with the defensive board
CO #32 Tyson Roe with the block and rebound Roe with the offensive boards and the put-back
McKinnon gets fouled by CG #11 Dylan Hughes 1:20 to go - CO 55-34
McKinnon makes both CG for 3
:37.6 to go - Cowichan up 24-13 1:00 to go - CO 55-37
CG misses a quick shot but gets their own board CG #10 Hackett with the foul - his 3rd
CG playing for last shot Knippleberg at the line for 2 - makes 1 fo 2
CG misses - Roe boards - CO misses at the buzzer :43.3 to go - CO 56-37
END of 1st quarter - Cowichan leading 24-13 CG #11 Hughes with the foul - just as the ref was about to call a 10-second backcourt violation on CO
. CO #2 Rowan Schmidt gets 1 of 2 from the line

2nd Quarter

Roe with the defensive board
CO starters back in to start the 2nd - CG ball END of 3rd Quarter - Cowichan comfortably leading 57-37
CO #6 Goulden with his 1st foul
Pendlebury with the block

4th Quarter

Hobden misses a 3 from the right side CO ball to start the 3th
Ball goes out of bounds in favour of CG Hobden starts it out well for CO as he drains as 3 from the 45
Knippleberg with the board CO #44 McKinnon with the foul - his 2nd
CO turns it over on the break CO turnover on the break - coach firmly reminds his guard of the score
CG #8 Omid Kasperast takes Pendlebury to the hoop for 2 CG #12 with the foul - his 4th
CG #15 Cain Ruttenburg fouls Pendlebury Goulden at the line for 2
7:26 - TO #1 Carson Graham - Cowichan up 24-15 Misses both
Pendlebury will be shooting 2 Pendlebury boards it and then misses the lay-up - with the help of a bit of a push from behind
Pendlebury makes his 1st - misses his 2nd CG misses
McKinnon boards the miss - but misses - CG turns it over on the break Hobden goes hard and banks it in off the glass
CG #12 Matt Garstin with his 1st foul CG misses
CO misses - CG boards Carson has no answer for anything Cowichan is throwing at them
Pendlebury boards the miss - goes long to McKinnon Goulden for 2
McKinnon takes it in on a 2-0 and dunks it with two hands 7:45 to go - CO 64-37
CG for 2 CG for 2
CG #12 Garstin with his 2nd foul 6:55 to go - CO 64-39
Pendlebury at the line for 2 CG #22 Hadyen Nicol with his 1st foul
Makes both CO turns it over
5:50 to go - CO 29-17 CG misses - CO boards
CO #24 Nick Marmars goes in Pendlebury Knippleberg for 3
CG for 3 CG misses - CO boards
CO having a tough time with CG pressing CO #24 Marmars called for the foul going after a CO miss - Marmars' 2nd foul
Out of bounds off of CG - CO ball Hobden for 3 more
5:22 - TO #1 Cowichan - Cowichan up 29-20 5:15 to go - CO 70-41
Hobden misses as the 30 sounds - Knippleberg with the offensive board CG for 3
4:44 to go CO answers
CO misses - CG boards Teams trade misses
Marmars with the defensive board Roe to Goulden for 2 as the 30 runs low
McKinnon called for the offensive charge as the 30 runs low CG gets their own board
3:43 - TO #2 Carson Graham - Cowichan up 29-20 CG misses - CO boards
Pendlebury with his 2nd foul 3:14 to go - CO 74-44
Teams trade misses Roe boards a miss by Schmidt
Hobden boards a missed 3 by CG CG with the foul
Hobden for 2 2:00 to go
Hobden for 2 more 1:12 to go - Carson empties their bench
CO foul END OF GAME - Cowichan wins easily 74-46
CG for 2 from the line
CO with the turnover on the inbounds
1:15 to go - CO 33-21
CO #24 Roe with the foul on the box-out
CG #12 Garstin at the line for 2
Misses his 1st - makes his 2nd
CO with the turnover in the half-court  
:57.2 to go  
Marmars with the board off of a CG miss from the 3-point line  
Roe for 2 for CO  
END OF 1st HALF - Cowichan leads 35-22