2012-2013 Vancouver Island Senior Boys' "AAA" Basketball Championships
Mount Douglas Secondary (Victoria)
 February 28, March 1 & 2, 2013

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Draw for the 63rd Annual Vancouver Island Championships

Tuesday March 5, 2013 Vancouver Island # 2 Team: Trevor Barss (Victoria)
BC Challenge Game Oak Bay Belmont Tom Aerts (Victoria)
       Scheduled start time:  7:30 p.m. Vancouver Island # 3 Score:  
       Actual start time: 7:29 p.m. Belmont 71-54  

       Jump Ball won by:

Oak Bay Belmont TBD
       1st Quarter Score: BE 21 - 8 OB BE 21 - 8 OB Erik Spaven - 19 Mat Hampton - 15
       2nd Quarter (Half-time) Score: BE 14-19 OB BE 35-27 OB Daniel Massy - 18 (6 treys) Liam Horne - 15
       3rd Quarter Score: BE 14-14 OB BE 49-41 OB Owen Vaags - 11  
       4th Quarter Score: BE 22-13 OB BE 71-54 OB Kane Johnston - 10  

       Final Score:

Belmont 71-54                    



1st Quarter

3rd Quarter

Matt Gray misses the opening shot Oak Bay starts with the ball - Hampton knocks his man down in the post - foul
Owen Vaags takes it to the hoop from the top of the key for 2 Belmont with the offensive board - Borneman with the board
Jake Miller misses a 3 for Oak Bay Hampton with a 19' jumper with a hand in his face
Mat Hampton with the offensive board and the put-back for 2 Borneman with the foul
Airball by Belmont - Hampton with the board Vaags with a slice and dice with a sweet one off the backboard for 2
Kane Johnston with the defensive board for Belmont Horne misses a 3 badly
Lars Borneman with the block - Erik Spaven at the line for Belmont Erik Spaven with the foul going for the rebound
Spaven misses both - Borneman with the rebound Matt Gray with a beautiful spin move in the paint for 2
Hampton misses a jumper from the foul-line Johnston misses a 3 - Massy keeps it alive - Spaven scores
Daniel Massy with a 3 from the right side Oak Bay misses - melee - out of bounds off of Oak Bay - Belmont ball
Miller slices up the defense for 2 Gray with the steal
Spaven forces it - Hampton boards the miss Gray forces it and misses
Liam Horne horn goes hard and has it knocked out of bounds Massy misses a trey
Gray misses a 3 - Erik Spaven boards Hampton misses a trey too
Massy with another 3 Johnston with the airball as the 30 sounds
Erik Spaven eats up Atlas St. Paul-Butler for 2 Oak Bay misses - Gray ties to save it but can't
Gray goes hard - misses - St. Paul-Butler boards and has it knocked away Miller steals a bad pass by Erik Spaven
Turnover by Oak Bay St. Paul-Butler with the offensive board
Erik Spaven for 2 Horne for 2 as the 30 goes off
4:38 - Time-Out # 1 for Oak Bay - Belmont 12-4 Vaags for 3
Hampton tries to go glass but has it roll off the front of the rim Belmont 44-31
Johnston misses a 3 - Borneman with the rebound Gray to Horne for 3 from the top of the key - Belmont 44-34
OB misses another 3 Spaven has it knocked away
Vaags called for the travel Massy with the foul
Gray drives - airball - scramble - 30-second violation on Oak Bay Horne for 2
Vaags misses a 3 - Erik Spaven boards it 2:55 - Time-Out # 1 for Belmont - Belmont 44-36
Miller misses a 3 Vaags misses - Erik Spaven with the offensive board and the put-back
Borneman with his 2nd foul Erik Spaven deflects the ball out of bounds - Oak Bay ball under their own hoop
Johnston to Massy for 3 Erik Spaven with the defensive board - then he throws and elbow and drops Horne
Horne goes hard - miss - doesn't hit the rim - St. Paul-Butler boards it Foul on Spaven for the elbow
Hampton does not realize the 30 was not reset - Oak Bay with a 30-second violation Hampton misses - St. Paul-Butler boards
Hampton finally gets a bucket for Oak Bay Horne misses a 3
Vaags with a 30' jumper as the 30 expires Hampton with the board
Gray for 2 for Oak Bay Horne is fouled by Johnston - Horne shooting 2
Johnston with a pull-back NBA 3 as the horns sounds to end the 1st Horne makes the 1st from the line - and the 2nd
END of 1st Quarter - Belmont 21-8 Vaags goes hard but shorts it

2nd Quarter

Erik Spaven ties it up - possession to Belmont
Belmont starts the 2nd with the ball Erik Spaven with the offensive board off the miss by Hensen
Brayden Hensen draws the foul on Horne - Hensen shooting 2 Massy for 3
Hensen makes 1 of 2 from the line - B 22-8 Gray for 3
Oak Bay turns it over Massy with the airball as the buzzer sounds
Massy misses on the floated - Gray boards it for Oak Bay END of 3rd Quarter - Belmont 49-41
Horne to Miller for 3 - B 22-11

4th Quarter

Spaven with the offensive board and the put-back - B 24-11 Hampton can't muscle it in - Erik Spaven boards it
Horne with the offensive board and is fouled by Massy St. Paul-Butler steals it and takes it in for a one-handed dunk
Horne shooting 2 - makes both - B 24-13 Erik Spaven misses - Miller boards it
Johnston misses - Erik Spaven boards Gray misses a 3
Spaven boards again and is fouled by St. Paul-Butler Johnston misses - Gray boards it
Spaven makes one - B 25-13 Hampton misses a lay-up
Steal by Johnston St. Paul-Butler called for the foul on Erik Spaven
Noah Harris with the offensive board Vaags misses - Horne boards - Horne to Hampton for 2 in transition
Borneman boards the miss by Horne Massy with the airball on the trey - Hampton boards it
Miller to Hampton for a tough 2 inside - B 25-15 Miller for 3
Erik Spaven goes hard and is fouled - Spaven makes the bucket Belmont 49-48
Horne with the foul - Spaven makes the foul-shot - B 28-15 Belmont called for a 30-second violation
Spaven boards the miss by Hampton 6:44 - Belmont 49-48
Belmont for 2 Hampton misses - Hensen with the board
5:31 - Time-Out # 2 for Oak Bay - Belmont 30-15 Vaags called for the travel
Hampton to Horne for 2 inside Hampton misses a 3
Hensen for 2 - B 32-17 Foul on Oak Bay's Miller
Horne forces it - gets nothing 5:25 - Belmont 49-48
Massy makes the bucket - then called on Borneman - Foul on Massy - B 34-17 Erik Spaven to Massy in the right-hand corner for 3
Gray is fouled - Hensen with the foul Horne force it and misses
Gray on the line for 2 - Gray drops them both - B 34-19 Miller with the foul on Johnston
Vaags misses a 3 - Johnston throws it off of St. Paul-Butler's legs - Belmont ball 4:52 - Time-Out # 1 for Oak Bay - Belmont 52-48
Belmont called for the travel Johnston at the line for 2 after the time-out
Horne off the glass for 2 - B 34-21 Johnston misses the 1st - makes the 2nd - Belmont 53-48
Horne with the steal Hampton forces into Erik Spaven - Spaven with the board
Horne to Hampton for 2 on the break - B 34-23 Erik Spaven for 2
Borneman called for the block - Erik Spaven shooting 2 Hampton with a great feed to St. Paul-Butler - Erik Spaven fouls him
Spaven misses the 1st - and the 2nd St. Paul-Butler at the line for 2
Johnston knocks the entry pass way from Horne St. Paul-Butler makes 1 - Belmont 53-49
Vaags with the foul Erik Spaven to Hensen for the 15' baseline jumper
Oak Bay ball on the sideline St. Paul-Butler boards the miss by Gray
Johnston fouls St. Paul-Butler going to the hoop St. Paul-Butler to Hampton for 3
St. Paul-Butler makes both from the line Hampton blocks Vaags - St. Paul-Butler with the board
2:04 - Time-Out # 1 for Belmont - Belmont 34-25 Hampton steps out on the narrow sideline in the left corner
St. Paul-Butler blocks Christian Spaven going soft to the hoop St. Paul-Butler
St. Paul-Butler with the board on the miss by Miller Vaags to Massy for ANOTHER trey!
Erik Spaven and St. Paul-Butler called for the double foul Vaags misses - gets his own board
Horne with the offensive board but misses 1:56 - Belmont 60-52
Erik Spaven makes the bucket and is fouled Vaags throws up a brick and banks it in
St. Paul-Butler with the foul 1:44 - Time-Out # 2 for Oak Bay - Belmont 62-52
Erik Spaven makes the and-1 Miller misses a 3 - Erik Spaven boards it
St. Paul-Butler misses - Erik Spaven boards it Belmont moving the ball using up the clock
Vaags misses - Johnston boards St. Paul-Butler with the foul - his 5th foul
Johnston called for the travel with 3 seconds left 1:16 - Belmont 62-52
Oak Bay misses at the buzzer Horne fouls Hensen
END of 1st Half - Belmont 37-25 Hensen shooting 2 on the bonus
  Hensen misses both
  Erik Spaven with the offensive board
  1:13 - Spaven shooting 2 - makes 2
  Oak Bay turns it over out of bound
  Miller with the foul
  1:07 - Belmont 64-52
  Vaags shooting 2 - makes both
  Miller misses a 3
  Massy with the foul - Oak Bay ball just inside centre
  :54.3 - Belmont 66-52
  Noah Harris misses
  Oak Bay foul - Vaags shooting 2 - makes both
  :46.7 - Belmont 68-52
  :41.0 - Gray for 2 - Belmont 68-54
  Gray with the foul - Johnston at the line for 2
  Johnston makes both - Belmont 70-54
  Hampton misses - Noah Harris with the foul
  :26.1 - Johnston at the line for 2 - makes 1 - Belmont 71-54
  Horne misses 3