2009-10 Times-Colonist - Sportvictoria.com City All-Stars

As voted on by the AAA coaches in Greater Victoria.

"AAA" City All-Stars

Listed in alphabetical order

Award Pictures from Saturday Feb. 27, 2010 after the Lower Vancouver Island Championships:
Coach Matt Murray, Coach Aaron Buckham, James Blandford, League Commissioner Lucky Walia, Coach Dave Mark

League Commissioner Lucky Walia, Jarryd Burles, Coach Kevin Brown

Coach Matt Murray, Coach Aaron Buckham, Jordan Elvedahl, League Commissioner Lucky Walia, Coach Dave Mark

Chris LeQuesne, Coach Kevin Brown, League Commissioner Lucky Walia

Burak Karahasan, Coach Sean Wallace, League Commissioner Lucky Walia

Coach Brady Quast, Greg Partington, League Commissioner Lucky Walia

Amandeep Vaid, Coach & League Commissioner Lucky Walia

Picture of the winners - (L-R) - Karahasan, Partington, LeQuesne, Burles, Blandford, Elvedahl, Vaid

Keanau Post, Reese Pribilsky & Ethan Young were no-shows for their award - even though they played in the previous game.

Name & School
Listed alphabetically - click on their names to see the write-ups

James Blandford (Stelly's)

Jarryd Burles (Belmont)

Jordan Elvedahl (Stelly's)

Burak Karahasan (Mt. Douglas)

Chris LeQuesne (Belmont)

Greg Partington (Stelly's)

Keanau Post (Oak Bay)

Reese Pribilsky (Oak Bay)

Amandeep Vaid (Claremont)

Ethan Young (Oak Bay)

Other players that received votes:
Thomas Hoyer-Wood - Oak Bay
Amit Khatkar - Claremont
Gaurav Pandher - Claremont
Keaton McMullen - Spectrum
Marcus Piercy - Oak Bay
Julian Gerry - Reynolds