Do you want to take your team to Hawai'i or somewhere in the US? Great team deals available!
Click here to send and email to “Lyle Dhur at” and start the ball rolling!

Are you looking to take your team on a sports tour?
Hawai'i is the #1 destination!
Others destinations include:
      California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, British Columbia, Ontario & the Caribbean.
If you wish to go to other places that are not on this list - it can be done.  It's just a matter of committing and then making it happen.

Hawai'i trips may have the following involved:
INCLUDED may be the following:
• Shuttle to pick you up at your school or BC Ferry terminal and take you to the airport and return
• Airfare
– return
• Hotel
– with microwaves & mini-fridges!
• Mini-vans and/or car rentals if needed
• Hanauma Bay State Nature Preserve tour – snorkeling with tropical fish (masks, fins, snorkels included)
• Polynesian Cultural Center Tour (village
tour, lūʻau dinner, Ha' - Breath of Life evening theatre show)
• Snorkel/Catamaran Tour – off the coast of Waikiki
• Makapuʻu Tide Pool Tour/hike – self guided
• Diamond Head Tour/hike – self guided
• Koko Head Tour/hike – self guided
• Aloha Bowl Swap Meet Tour
• Arizona Memorial Tour
• North Shore Tour
• Catamaran Ride – off the coast of Waikiki
• Tickets to an NCAA college football bowl game – IF AVAILABLE

• Tickets to one or two NCAA basketball games
• Team Dinner near the end of your trip
• Custom tour t-shirts – designed specifically for your team and your tour
• Custom team bags

NOT INCLUDED would be the following:
• Airline baggage charges (currently about $25-$40 per piece of checked luggage)
• Passport documents required, if you are travelling to a different country
• Flight delay and/or additional hotel nights – if required
• US Emergency Medical Travel Insurance – if required
• Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance – if required
• Rental vehicle; insurance, fuel, tickets and/or damage
• Parking fees for rental vehicles

• Variances in the exchange rate

• Weather
• Food

Accommodation MAY include the following:
• Full 1-bedroom suites MAY BE available with full kitchen - massive savings being able to prepare your own food
• Team rooms could have 1, 2, 3 or 4 beds depending on the booking
• Pool – depending on the hotel, but in the end, you are 3 blocks from the beach – at worst
• Breakfast may be available
– either continental or buffet depending on the hotel

• FREE in-room High-speed Internet and/or WIFI Internet access in lobby
• Hotel near restaurants and other place for a quick bite
• Basketball court within walking distance of the hotel
• FREE local calls, maybe free North American calls
• Basketball 1/2 court at the hotel
• Walking distance to the beach
• Non-smoking hotels available
• Wake up call service

Various pictures and info on Facebook from Hawai'i tours
O'ahu 2013     O'ahu 2012-13     O'ahu 2011-12     
O'ahu 2010-11     
O'ahu 2009-10      O'ahu 2008-09      O'ahu - 2007-08      O'ahu - 2004

A brief about Lyle Dhur of Sportvictoria.

I was a coach and member of the Belmont Bulldogs (nee Braves) program for 23 years.

Trip organizing started with events inside BC while I was still a student at Spencer and Belmont in the 1980s... then with club ball doing trips to various locations in BC and up and down the West Coast of the US.

Then about Y2K I started to organize the major team trips for Belmont - this was after I saw the "results" of using an East Coast company (paying a lot money and getting very little service for the money).
I figured I could do a better job for less money
– and I could... and I did.

After I left Belmont, 2008 after winning the Island Championships, I opened up my skills to other teams as I knew EXACTLY what a coach wanted in a trip.
More importantly, what they DID NOT WANT... and it has grown from there.

I have worked extensively to create personal relationships with people and businesses in the destination locations and as a result I am able to get great pricing for my travelling teams.
This includes, but not limited to, great rates on airfare... hotel rates... tours... and quality games to try to match your team's ability.
I also know what coaches don't want - tourist trips... I hate them and avoid them like the plague.
I will work hard to get you the best value for your money
– maximizing both your money and your time.


Teams that I have organized for in the past:

Capilano University [basketball]
• Sept 2023 (AB)

Simon Fraser University [basketball]
• Dec 2009 (HI)

Belmont [basketball]
• Dec 1997 (HI)
• Dec 1999 (HI)
• Dec 2002 (HI)
• Dec 2004 (HI)
• Dec 2005 (CA)
• Dec 2007 (HI)

Brentwood College [basketball]
• Dec 2008 (HI)
• Dec 2011 (HI)
• Dec 2016 (HI)
• Dec 2022 (CA)

Cedar [basketball]
• Dec 2008 (HI)
• Dec 2010 (HI)

Cedar [golf]
• Mar 2025 (HI)

Centennial [basketball]
• Dec 2024 (HI)

Claremont [basketball]
• Dec 2018 (HI)

• Dec 2025 (HI)

Claremont [lacrosse]
• Nov 2017 (CA)
• Feb 2018 (NV)
• June 2018 (CO)
• Jan 21019 (CA)
• Feb 2019 (NV)
• June 2019 (CO)
• Nov 2019 (MD/NY)
• Mar 2020 (NV) [COVID-cancelled]
• June 2020 (CO) [COVID-cancelled]
• Oct 2021 (ON)
• June 2022 (CO)
• Nov 2022 (MD/NY)
• March 2023 (NV)
• June 2023 (CO)
• Nov 2023 (MD/NY)
• Jan 2024 (CA)
• Feb 2024 (NV)
• June 2024 (CO)
• Nov 2024 (MD/NY)

• Jan 2025 (CA)
• June 2025 (CO)

Heritage Woods [basketball]
• Dec 2024 (HI)

Kwalikum [basketball]
• Dec 2013 (CA)

Mennonite Educational Institute [basketball]
• Dec 2022 (HI)

Oak Bay
• Dec 2014 (HI) [basketball]
• March 2024 (CA) [soccer]

Overlake (WA) [basketball]
• Dec 2016 (HI)

Pitt Meadows [basketball]
• Jan 2018 (BC)
• Jan 2018 (SK)

Port Moody [basketball]
• Dec 2015 (HI)

Seaquam [basketball]
• Dec 2008 (HI)
• Dec 2010 (HI)

South Kamloops [basketball]
• Dec 2015 (HI)
• Dec 2019 (HI)

Southridge [basketball]
• Dec 2009 (HI)

Vancouver College [track & field]
• Mar 2025 (HI)

West Point Grey Academy [basketball]
• Dec 2013 (HI)

Windsor [basketball]
• Dec 2015 (HI)

Ballenas [basketball]
• Dec 2012 (HI)

Belmont [basketball]
• Dec 2005 (CA)

Claremont [basketball]
• Dec 2016 (HI)
• Dec 2022 (CA)

Claremont [lacrosse]
• June 2018 (CA)
• June 2019 (CA)
• June 2020 (CO) [COVID-cancelled]
• June 2023 (CO)
• June 2024 (CO)

Dover Bay [basketball]
• Dec 2015 (HI)

Kwalikum [basketball]
• Dec 2013 (CA)

Maaqtusiis [basketball]
• Dec 2019 (HI)

Mennonite Educational Institute [basketball]
• Dec 2018 (HI)

Mount Douglas [basketball]
• Dec 2010 (HI)
• Dec 2013 (HI)

Royal Bay [basketball]
• Dec 2018 (HI)

Shawnigan Lake [basketball]
• Dec 2018 (HI)

South Kamloops [basketball]
• Dec 2023 (HI)

Belmont (girls) [basketball]
• Dec 2005 (CA)

Collingwood (girls) [basketball]
• Dec 2024 (WA)

Southridge (boys) [basketball]
• Dec 2009 (HI)

Victoria Prep (varsity) boys' [basketball] (all-star team)
• Las Vegas, Port Angeles, Portland, Reno, Seattle, Vancouver - Spring & Summer 2003

SVI (varsity) boys’ & girls’ [basketball]
• Las Vegas 2023
• Las Vegas 2024

• Belmont boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Belmont boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Belmont boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Victoria Prep boys' [basketball] (BC, NV [2], OR & WA [2])

• Belmont boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Belmont boys' [basketball] (CA)
• Belmont JR girls' [basketball] (CA)
• Belmont SR girls' [basketball] (CA)

• Belmont boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Brentwood College boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Cedar boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Seaquam boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Southridge JR boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Southridge SR boys' [basketball] (HI)
• SFU men's [basketball] (HI)

• Cedar boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Mount Douglas girls' [basketball] (HI)
• Seaquam boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Brentwood College boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Ballenas girls' [basketball] (HI)

• Kwalikum girls' [basketball] (CA)
• Mount Douglas girls' [basketball] (HI)
• West Point Grey Academy boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Oak Bay boys' [basketball] (HI)
• South Kamloops boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Dover Bay girls' [basketball] (HI)
• Port Moody boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Windsor boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Brentwood College boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Claremont girls' [basketball] (HI)
• Overlake (WA) boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CA)

• Claremont boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CA, CO & NV)
• Mennonite Educational Institute girls’ [basketball] (HI)
• Pitt Meadows boys' [basketball] (BC)
• Pitt Meadows boys' [basketball] (SK)
• Royal Bay girls' [basketball] (HI)
• Shawnigan Lake girls' [basketball] (HI)

• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CA, CO, NV, MD/NY)
• Claremont girls' [lacrosse] (CA)
• Maaqtusiis girls' [basketball] (HI)
• South Kamloops boys' [basketball] (HI)

• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CO, NV, NY/DC) [COVID-cancelled]
• Claremont girls' [lacrosse] (CO) [COVID-cancelled]
• Brentwood College boys' [basketball] (HI) [COVID-cancelled]
• Claremont boys' [basketball] (HI) [COVID-cancelled]
• Claremont girls' [basketball] (HI) [COVID-cancelled]
• Mulgrave boys' [basketball] (CA) [COVID-cancelled]
• Oak Bay boys' [basketball] (HI) [COVID-cancelled]
• Pigeon Lake AB boys' [basketball] (HI) [COVID-cancelled]

• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (ON)
• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (NY/DC) [COVID-cancelled]
• Nanaimo Christian boys' [basketball] (HI) [COVID-cancelled]

• Brentwood College boys' [basketball] (CA)
• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CO, MD/NY)
• Claremont girls' [basketball] (CA)
• Mennonite Educational Institute [basketball] (HI)

• Capilano University men’s [basketball] (AB)
• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CO, MD/NY, NV)
• Claremont girls' [lacrosse] (CO)
• SVI (varsity) boys’ & girls’ [basketball] (NV)
• South Kamloops girls’ [basketball] (HI)

• Centennial
boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CA, CO, MD/NY)
• Claremont girls' [lacrosse] (CO)
• Collingwood JR girls' [basketball] (WA)
• Heritage Wood boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Oak Bay boys’ [soccer] (CA)
• SVI (varsity) boys’ & girls’ [basketball] (NV)

• Cedar [golf] (HI) ?

• Claremont boys' [basketball] (HI)
• Claremont boys' [lacrosse] (CA, CO)
• Claremont girls' [lacrosse] (CO)

• Vancouver College [track & field] (HI) ?



"I coached a number of high school sports in Victoria BC Canada. My basketball teams travelled a lot with long trips planned for almost every second year. My teams have travelled to Alberta in Canada and Arizona, Alaska, California, Florida, Hawai'i and Texas in the US. Our first big trip was to Hawai'i in 1979. Organization for the early trips was done by a Seattle Company or by myself.

As travel got more expensive, demanded more paperwork and far more time I turned to Lyle Dhur of Sportvictoria to oversee all arrangements. A brilliant move on my part as I will explain. I stopped coaching the Senior/Varsity boys' team in 2008 and that year (Dec 2007) we travelled to Hawai'i. In all, Lyle organized that trip as well as four previous trips to Hawai'i.

Dealing with the team trips Lyle has the contacts for games or tournaments, arranges flights, ground transportation including to and from the airport, to and from games, practices or non-sport activities, accommodations, and rentals if I required. My philosophy, and the parents really supported this, was that their child may never get to travel to this place again so we always included historical, cultural, recreational, etc. activities. Lyle organized everything above as well as passports, medical, emergency contacts, itineraries, signed consent and rules forms, maps, places to visit, restaurant information, luggage tags and I am sure I am missing more.

I found Lyle's services to be above and beyond what you would expect. He does a tremendous job and I would claim he saves money, definitely saves time and provides a travelling group with a feel safe atmosphere because of his preparation and commitment to making sure the trip is a positive experience.

Lyle also organized our 3-team (varsity boys', varsity girls' and junior varsity girls') trip to San Diego as well as a Nike Coaches' Clinic trip to Portland and countless trips to the Nike clinics in Las Vegas.

Without question a great move on my part to have Lyle take over my trip organization. If anyone is considering a trip I strongly recommend Lyle for your trip needs.

Thank you Lyle and Sportvictoria."
Coach Muzz Bryant (Belmont 1978-2008)

“Lyle does a great job running a trip. He works hard to find good rates and my teams have had excellent experiences in Hawai'i.”
Coach Blake Gage (Brentwood College)

"Lyle really helped make our 2018 Hawai'i trip a memorable one from the very beginning. His planning and advice throughout the entire process was instrumental. Spending 10 days on O'ahu was something that the student-athletes and I will never forget. Some of the things that stood for us include the great competition we faced, the numerous team activities that were planned out to finest detail, as well as the down time we all had to explore beautiful Waikiki. Claremont will be doing this trip again and I would highly recommend it to any team who wants both a competitive basketball experience as well as a very impactful team building venture."
Coach Brandon Dunlop (Claremont)

"Lyle has organized several trips for my teams and for my family on their own. He’s consistently done an excellent job getting us the best prices to help keep our costs down. He’s organized all the transportation, games, events and even team dinners. Lyle made things so easy on my end as he took care of all the little details so all I had to do was concentrate on my team. I would strongly recommend Lyle and Sportvictoria if you’re looking at planning a team trip."
Coach Rick Hart (John Barsby [Cedar ’08, ‘10 & Dover Bay ‘15])

"Lyle was my first choice to organize a Hawai'i trip for my high school girls’ basketball team. I was not disappointed. The attention to detail for flights, accommodations, events, and exhibition games was superb. Having him in Hawai'i at the time was further assurance that last-minute planning took place without fail. The best accolade I could state was that I was so pleased and impressed by Lyle’s trip organization that I used his services a second time for a repeat visit with another year’s team. I highly recommend Lyle if you are planning a trip for your team."
Coach Rick Griffin (Mount Douglas)

"We had the opportunity to work with Lyle for a basketball trip to Hawaii with my Overlake high school basketball team in December '16. It was an amazing experience for our basketball program, and something that many of our players still talk about to this day. A big reason why many of the players still talk about this amazing experience, was because Lyle set up an amazing trip. It wasn’t just about basketball, Lyle made it educational for the players and fun for everyone involved. We visited Pearl Harbor, went snorkeling with sea turtles, a catamaran boat ride, and much more. Again, this was truly an amazing experience, and something many of the players will remember as a highlight of not only their basketball season, but their high school experience. With that said, Lyle made my job as the coach extremely easy. As anyone can imagine, setting up a trip and itinerary for 20-30 individuals can become a little overwhelming. Not for us on this trip! Everything was nicely organized, communicated, and set-up for us by Lyle. It was a very professional experience, and whenever we needed something or had a question, Lyle was there to answer and help us. I also appreciated the way Lyle tried to keep our costs down by continually trying to find us the best deals. I would highly recommend Lyle and his company to any coach, team, or program at any level. It was a pleasure working with Lyle, and we will be working with him again in the near future."
Coach Justin Prohn (Overlake)

"I have traveled with Sportvictoria's assistance several teams - we have taken senior, junior, boys' and/or girls' teams. We have gone to Hawai'i, San Diego and Los Angeles. Lyle makes the trip easy and affordable. He is there every step of the way (if you need him) and connects you with the people you need to be connected with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to do a big trip and I have had several people come back from trips saying how easy the trip was and how looked after they felt."
Coach Kevin Harrington (Royal Bay [Belmont '97, '99, 02', 05'])

"Lyle organized a couple incredible Hawai'i trips for my senior boys’ basketball. He booked the games against teams at our level, handled the flights and van rentals, and arranged fabulous accommodations. He even connected us with local restaurants and day trips. Lyle was easy to deal with and consistently communicated with us throughout the planning process. He even provided us with some team bags for the trip. I’ve dealt with several team travel companies in the past and Lyle exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Sportvictoria for all your team travel plans."
Coach James Johnston (Seaquam)

"From the start of the tour organization, Lyle was regularly in contact discussing trip options for our team and he was always open to any requests that we had. While at Hawaii, he was nearby to support us with our tour outings. The team had a wonderful experience and it was certainly a highlight for many of our player’s basketball careers. Lyle made the tour easy and hassle free for us."
Coach Darrin Austin (Shawnigan Lake)

"South Kamloops had a fantastic time in Hawai'i and a big reason for that was the planning that Lyle did for us. Lyle's experience led him to build exceptional value into our package that exceeded our expectations and made our trip go very smoothly from a logistical perspective. Our trip gave my team memories that a high school basketball experience can hope to provide. I'll be travelling to Hawai'i again with another team and when I do... Lyle will be given the task of organizing the endeavour for us.

2024 - After the success of our first trip a number of years ago, I sought Lyle's services again this past year.  Once again, he delivered.  The trip was well organized, the competition was outstanding, and there was a ton of value packed into our experience.  Lyle worked hard trying to make every event for us a special one and as inexpensive as he could.  If I was going a third time, I would be seeking Lyle's expertise again."
Coach Del Komarniski (South Kamloops)

"South Kamloops traveled to Hawai'i to play exhibition games on the island of O'ahu. We went with Lyle at Sportvictoria as he came highly recommended by another coach at our school. Our team's experience in Hawai'i was an amazing one, filled with memories that will last a lifetime. From the games, to the activities, Lyle had everything extremely well organized. We had activities every day that enhanced the experience and allowed the team to bond and immerse themselves in the culture of the Hawaiian people. The games were great and the hospitality we received from each team was incredible. From the food to the conversations, the team was thrilled to get to know other students from a different country. Lyle's communication, organization and "bang for the buck" are reasons why we will definitely be using Lyle for our next trip. "
Coach Corey Yamaoka (South Kamloops)

"Lyle organized our trip to Hawai'i and what a difference it made. Not only was he able to get us low rates on all airfares and hotels, but his knowledge of all available activities, pricing and connections allowed me to enjoy my time with my team. All I had to do was tell Lyle our dates and our needs and he did the rest. While in Hawai'i if anything was required or we decided to add to our activities Lyle did all the leg work and we simply played, practiced and had fun. When we go back to Hawai'i, Lyle will be my first call."
Coach Scott Clark (Thompson Rivers University [Simon Fraser University '09])

"Lyle did amazing work organizing our 2013 senior boys' basketball Hawai'i Tour. Our flights, hotel, and on-island transportation were all arranged and went without a hitch. All the games were competitive at our level and, afterward, we had wonderful social/cultural interactions with opposing players and their families. We also got to see a university game. We really enjoyed the tours of the North Shore, Pearl Harbour, Hawaiian Cultural Center (luau and live on-stage performances), snorkelling at Hanauma Bay, catamaran sail from Waikiki Beach, dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, the list goes on! Throughout the tour, Lyle was always close by, ready to help us out if needed. We all had a great time and recommend that you contact Lyle should your team want to a basketball tour organized."
Coach Bob Dodds (West Point Grey Academy)

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Hawai'i after Christmas
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