Do you want to take your team to Hawai'i or somewhere in the US? Great team deals available!
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Are you looking to take your team on a basketball tour? Hawai'i is the #1 destination!
Others destinations include:
      California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, Central Florida, Southern Florida, North Carolina & the Caribbean.
If you wish to go to other places that are not on this list - it can be done.  It's just a matter of committing and then making it happen.



Hawaiian trips may have the following involved:
INCLUDED may be the following:
• Shuttle to pick you up at your school or BC Ferry terminal and take you to the US airport and return
• Airfare - return
• Hotel or condo - kitchens or kitchenettes are a possibility
• Shuttle pick up at HNL and you are driven to hotel and return
• Shuttle to and from all of your games
• Mini-vans rentals if needed
• Hanauma Bay State Nature Preserve tour – snorkeling with tropical fish (masks, fins, snorkels included)
• North Shore Tour
• Polynesian Cultural Center Tour (village tour, lu’au dinner, Ha' - Breath of Life evening theatre show)
• Arizona Memorial Tour
• Aloha Bowl Swap Meet Tour
• Catamaran Tour – off the coast of Waikiki
• Snorkel/Catamaran Tour – off the coast of Waikiki
• Diamond Head Tour/hike – self guided
• Tickets to one or two college/university games - IF AVAILABLE
• Transportation, to and from, one or two college/university games – depending on schedules
• US medical insurance (if required)
• Team Dinner at the Hard Rock Café (or similar) near the end of your trip
• Custom team bags
• Custom tour t-shirts
• US cell phones - Canadian cell phones can be nearly $2/minute

NOT INCLUDED would be the following:
• Airline baggage charges (currently about $25/piece of checked luggage)
• Variances in the US exchange rate
• Documents required to enter into the US
• Weather

Accommodation MAY include the following:
• Full 1-bedroom suites are available with full kitchen - massive savings being able to prepare your own food
• Team rooms would have 1, 2, 3 or 4 beds depending on the booking
• FREE in-room High-speed Internet and/or WiFi Internet access in lobby
• FREE local calls, maybe free North American calls
• Basketball 1/2 court at the hotel
• Basketball court within walking distance of the hotel
• Non-smoking hotels available
• Wake up call service
• Hotel near to restaurants and other place for a quick bite
• Walking distance to the beach
• Pool - depending on the hotel, but in the end, you are 3 blocks from the beach - at worst.
• Breakfast may be available - either continental or buffet depending on the hotel


Pictures: O'ahu 2013     O'ahu 2012-13     O'ahu 2011-12      O'ahu 2010-11     
O'ahu 2009-10      O'ahu 2008-09      O'ahu - 2007-08      O'ahu - 2004

A brief about Lyle Dhur of Sportvictoria.

I was a coach and member of the Belmont Bulldogs (nee Braves) program for 23 years.

Trip organizing started with events inside BC while I was still a student at Belmont in the late 80s... then with club ball doing trips to various locations in BC and up and down the West Coast of the US.

Then about Y2K I started to organize the major team trips for Belmont - this was after I saw the "results" of using an East Coast company (paying a lot money and getting very little service for the money).  I figured I could do a better job for less money - and I could, and I did.

After I left Belmont, 2008 after winning the Island Championships, I opened up my skills to other teams as I knew EXACTLY what a coach wanted in a trip.  More importantly, what they DID NOT WANT... and it has grown from there.

I have worked extensively to create personal relationships with people and businesses in the destination locations and as a result I am able to get great pricing for my travelling teams.  This includes great rates on airfare, hotel rates, tours and quality games that match your team's ability.

Teams that I have organized for in the past:
University Men
• Simon Fraser University - Dec 2009

Senior (Varsity) Boys
• Belmont - Dec 1997, Dec 1999, Dec 2002, Dec 2004, Dec 2005, Dec 2007
• Brentwood College - Dec 2008, Dec 2011, Dec 2016
• Cedar - Dec 2008, Dec 2010
• Kwalikum - Dec 2013
• Oak Bay - Dec 2014
• Overlake (WA) - Dec 2016
• Port Moody - Dec 2015
• Seaquam - Dec 2008, Dec 2010
• South Kamloops - Dec 2015
• Southridge - Dec 2009
• West Point Grey Academy - Dec 2013
• Windsor - Dec 2015

Senior (Varsity) Girls
• Ballenas - Dec 2012
• Claremont - Dec 2016
• Dover Bay - Dec 2015
• Kwalikum - Dec 2013
• Mount Douglas - Dec 2010, Dec 2013

Junior (Junior Varsity) Boys
• Southridge - Dec 2009

Victoria Prep (Varsity) Boys (all-star team)
• Las Vegas, Portland, Reno, Seattle, Vancouver - Spring & Summer 2003