NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 5, 2015   JANUARY 3, 2016 to JANUARY 9, 2016   JANUARY 31, 2016 to FEBRUARY 6, 2016
Belmont over Edward Milne 68-55   Nanaimo over Woodlands 77-31   Duncan Christian over Pacific Christian 65-58
H. J. Cambie over Notre Dame 73-57   Wellington over John Barsby 109-30   Edward Milne over Duncan Christian 75-69
Port Moody over Vancouver College 55-45   Nanaimo over Gulf Islands 82-59   Nanaimo over Pitt Meadows 70-59
Sir Winston Churchill over Burnaby South 92-58   Campbell River Christian over Gold River 65-24   Duchess Park over Smithers + 15
Sullivan Heights over Dr. Charles Best 77-75   St. Patrick's over Seycove 75-57   Smithers over Caledonia + 12
Holy Cross over Earl Marriot 115-55     Charles Hays over Smithers + 12
Fleetwood Park over Seaquam 70-56   NELSON TOURNAMENT   Princess Margaret (PEN) over Delview 74-68
West Vancouver over Seycove 98-83   Osoyoos over Selkirk 76-49   Shawnigan Lake over RA Longview JV (WA) 60-31
Tamanawis over Enver Creek 77-55   Fernie over Selkirk 71-59   Duchess Park over Kelly Rd 83-57
Kitsilano over Steveston-London 70-58   Selkirk over Nakusp 60-56  
Killarney over King David 86-53     BOWNESS (AB) TOURNAMENT
Queen Elizabeth over Gleneagle 75-28   M. E. I. INVITATIONAL   Heritage Christian (AB) over Golden 91-62
Richmond over St. John's 91-54   FRIDAY   Golden over James Fowler (AB) 62-38
Guildford Park over Sir Charles Tupper 74-49   M. E. I. over Bodwell 50-47   Robert Thirsk (AB) over Golden 77-68
Collingwood over G. W. Graham 103-88   M. E. I. over New Westminster 73-49  
BC Christian Academy over Highroad 68-50   New Westminster over Burnaby Central 105-73   CORRELIEU TOURNAMENT
Centennial over Prince of Wales 63-38   SATURDAY   Correlieu over Lake City W
Tamanawis over W. J. Mouat 105-78   M. E. I. over Burnaby Central W   Kelly Rd over College Hieghts 70-58
Queen Elizabeth over Seaquam 82-54   Burnaby Central over Bodwell W   College Hieghts over Correlieu W
Terry Fox over Vancouver College 52-41   Bodwell over New Westminster W   Kelly Rd over Lake City 93-24
Kitsilano over Earl Marriot 100-69     College Hieghts over Lake City W
Yale over Robert Bateman 72-67   ARCHBISHOP CARNEY INVITATIONAL   Kelly Rd [FINAL] over Correlieu [FINAL] 69-57
R. C. Palmer over New Westminster 91-65   THURSDAY  
Point Grey over John Oliver 64-54   BC Christian Academy over Dr. Charles Best 58-55   FEBRUARY 7, 2016 to FEBRUARY 13, 2016
Brookswood over Chilliwack 62-38   Archbishop Carney over Westview 60-57  
A. R. McNeill over Richmond Christian 78-63   St. Patricks over Seycove 75-57   Victoria over Lambrick Park JV 48-45
Steveston-London over Sullivan Heights 79-66   Samuel Robertson Technical over Elphinstone 44-39   Pleasant Valley  over Kalamalka 75-63
St. Patrick's over West Point Grey 98-53   FRIDAY   R. C. Palmer over Cambie 86-84
Collingwood over Handsworth 74-67   Seycove over Elphinstone 72-51   Abbotsford Christian over Pacific Academy 73-70
David Thompson over Earl Marriot 85-56   Dr. Charles Best over Westview 71-50   Valleyview over NorKam 61-56
Tamanawis over NorthSurrey 65-58   Archbishop Carney over BC Christian 63-59   Shawnigan Lake over Gulf Islands 86-46
Fleetwood Park over Brookswood 81-57   St. Patricks over Samuel Robertson 89-44   Duncan Christian over St. Michaels JV 91-33
Lord Byng over North Delta 90-50   SATURDAY   Lambrick Park over Mount Douglas 54-47
Khalsa over Regent Christian Academy 55-39   Westview over Elphinstone 56-40   Shawnigan Lake over Brentwood College 74-56
G. P. Vanier over Timberline 70-32   Seycove over Dr. Charles Best 89-46  
St. Michaels over Belmont 58-44   Samuel Robertson over BC Christian 54-51   GOLDEN KICKING HORSE CLASSIC
Wellington over Kwalikum 81-54   St. Patricks [FINAL] over Archbishop Carney [FINAL] 78-47   FRIDAY
Steveston-London over Wellington 96-75     Golden over Selkirk 89-46
Steveston-London over Kwalikum 100-35   BC CHRISTIANS SCHOOLS TOURNAMENT   Mount Baker over Banff (AB) 78-76
Kwalikum over Campbell River Christian 75-16   THURSDAY   Golden over Barrière 105-66
St. Thomas Aquinas over Chatelech 93-35   Regent Christian over Hope 83-24   SATURDAY x
St. Thomas Aquinas over Chatelech 95-39   Highroad over LGCS 63-58   Barrière over Selkirk 78-40
St. Thomas Aquinas over Argyle 89-56   FRIDAY   Golden over Banff (AB) 92-39
  Abbotsford Chrisitan over Regent Christian 91-35   Barrière over Mount Baker 74-72
WESTVIEW TOURNAMENT   Richmond Christian over Heritage Christian 60-36   Banff (AB) over Selkirk 73-60
FRIDAY   Credo Christian over Unity Christian 59-51   Selects over Mount Baker 45-42
Westview over Archbishop Carney 55-47   Pacific Academy over SCS 104-41  
Langley over Gleneagle 51-47   Langley Christian over Highroad 73-39   UCLUELET WEST COAST CHALLENGE
Dr. Charles Best over Elgin Park 64-53   Pacific Christian over Maple Ridge Christian 65-57   Nanaimo Christian over Gold River 41-33
Seycove over Thomas Haney 87-71   White Rock Chrisiian over Nanaimo Christian 45-37   Nanaimo Christian over Ucluelet 41-35
SATURDAY   Duncan Christian over Carver Christian 78-34   Gold River over Nanaimo Christian 46-43
Gleneagle over Archbishop Carney 54-37   Heritage Christian over Hope 77-13   Gold River over Ucluelet 39-36
Thomas Haney over Elgin Park 67-52   Maple Ridge Christian over LGCS W  
Langley over Westview 48-41   Heritage Christian over Unity Christian 66-61   PRINCE GEORGE INVITATIONAL
Seycove over Dr. Charles Best 74-61   Nanaimo Christian over SCS W   Dutchess Park over Lake District W
SUNDAY   Highroad over Carver Christian 61-47   College Heights over Correlieu W
Archbishop Carney over Elgin Park 65-49   Maple Ridge Christian over Regent Christian 60-46   Prince George over Nechako Valley W
Gleneagle over Thomas Haney 65-59   Abbotsford Chrisitan over Richmond Christian 91-55   Kelly Rd over Prince George JV 93-56
Westview over Dr. Charles Best 57-44   Pacific Academy over Credo Christian 72-44   Nechako Valley over Prince George JV W
Seycove [FINAL] over Langley 69-59   Langley Christian over Pacific Christian 86-56   Correlieu over Lake District W
  Duncan Christian over White Rock Chrisiian 70-48   Dutchess Park over College Heights W
OSOYOOS DESERT CLASSIC   SATURDAY   Kelly Rd over Prince George 96-89
Round 1   Abbotsford Chrisitan over Pacific Academy 91-55   Lake District over Prince George JV W
Similkameen over Summerland 64-55   Langley Christian over Duncan Christian 87-53   Nechako Valley over Correlieu W
Kelowna Christian over Regent Academy 91-29   LGCS [17th] over Hope [18th] 90-31   College Heights over Prince George 86-72
Osoyoos over Aberdeen Hall 73-66   Unity Christian [14th] over SCS [16th] 58-41   Dutchess Park [FINAL] over Kelly Rd [FINAL] 84-55
Heritage Christian over Princeton 66-31   Regent Christian [13th] over Carver Christian [15th] 51-45  
Round 2   Maple Ridge Christian [10th] over Highroad [12th] 73-58  
Aberdeen Hall over Princeton 86-23   Nanaimo Christian [9th] over Heritage Christian [11th] 51-43  
Summerland over Regent Academy 66-54   White Rock Chrisiian [6th] over Pacific Christian [8th] 75-47  
Kelowna Christian over Similkameen 70-53   Credo Christian [5th] over Richmond Christian [7th] 52-47  
Osoyoos over Heritage Christian 69-45   Pacific Academy [3rd] over Duncan Christian [4th] 83-73  
Round 3   Langley Christian [FINAL] over Abbotsford Chrisitan [FINAL] 75-61  
Regent Academy over Princeton 69-29    
Aberdeen Hall over Summerland 62-44   JANUARY 10, 2016 to JANUARY 16, 2016  
Similkameen over Heritage Christian 76-48    
Kelowna Christian over Osoyoos 80-79   Gold River over Campbell River Christian 65-24  
  St. Thomas Aquinas over Elphinstone 85-55  
ISA TOURNAMENT - TIER 2   H. J. Cambie over J. N. Burnett 79-41  
Glenlyon Norfolk over Mulgrave 74-47    
Glenlyon Norfolk over Stratford Hall 68-65   BC CATHOLIC SCHOOLS TOURNAMENT  
Glenlyon Norfolk over Fraser Academy 62-24   WEDNESDAY  
Glenlyon Norfolk [FINAL] over Southpointe 85-63   St. Thomas Aquinas over St. Patrick's 73-64  
  Immaculata over St. Ann's Academy 59-32  
  Archbishop Carney over St. John Brebeuf 53-28  
  Holy Cross over Immaculata 78-42  
Collingwood over Windsor 68-53   Vancouver College over Archbishop Carney 53-25  
G. P. Vanier over Alberni 60-38   Notre Dame over St. John Brebeuf 60-22  
Wellington over Woodlands (LEAGUE) 93-35   St. Patrick's over St. Ann's Academy 71-64  
Timberline over Campbell River Christian 93-27   St. Thomas More over Notre Dame 52-46  
St. Thomas Aquinas over Sutherland 89-71   FRIDAY  
Sentinel over Mount Douglas 82-59   Vancouver College over St. Thomas More 54-51  
Kelly Rd over College Heights (LEAGUE) 88-69   Immaculata over Notre Dame 63-44  
  St. Patrick's over Archbishop Carney 78-62  
ST. PATRICK'S TOURNAMENT   St. Ann's Academy over St. John Brebeuf 48-37  
St. Thomas Aquinas over St. John's 99-70   Holy Cross over St. Thomas Aquinas 91-36  
St. Thomas Aquinas over St. Patrick's 71-66   SATURDAY  
St. Thomas Aquinas over Moscrop 99-70   Immaculata over Archbishop Carney 55-47  
  Notre Dame over St. Patrick's 49-46  
TSUMURA TOURNAMENT   St. Thomas More over St. Thomas Aquinas 55-39  
THURSDAY   Holy Cross [FINAL] in OT over Vancouver College [FINAL] 63-60  
Southridge over Steveston-London 74-49    
Panorama Ridge over Kitsilano 71-56   UCLUELET TOURNAMENT  
Holy Cross over Killarney 98-69   FRIDAY  
Sir Winston Churchill over Fleetwood Park 97-68   Maaqtusiis JV over Campbell River Christian 61-55  
FRIDAY   Campbell River Christian over Ucluelet JV 38-29  
Southridge over Sir Winston Churchill 94-88   Maaqtusiis over Highland JV 96-43  
Holy Cross over Panorama Ridge 87-50   Gold River over Ucluelet 58-36  
Kitsilano over Killarney 94-70   Maaqtusiis over Gold River 70-39  
Fleetwood Park over Steveston-London 68-66   Highland JV over Ucluelet 66-60    
Killarney over Steveston-London 86-78   Maaqtusiis JV over Campbell River Christian 57-54  
Kitsilano over Fleetwood Park 95-58   Ucluelet over Ucluelet JV 45-37  
Sir Winston Churchill over Panorama Ridge 98-80   Ucluelet over Highland JV 53-51  
Southridge [FINAL] over Holy Cross [FINAL] 91-78   Gold River over Campbell River Christian 94-39  
  Maaqtusiis [FINAL] over Maaqtusiis JV [FINAL] 73-23  
Caledonia over Bulkley Valley Christian 75-47   Fernie over Selkirk 76-58  
Kelly Rd over Caledonia Jr 91-28   Mt. Baker over Sparwood 74-73  
Prince George over Nechako Valley 96-53   Creston over South Slocan 84-56  
College Heights over Smithers 103-80   Sparwood over Selkirk 85-64  
SATURDAY   Fernie over Mt. Baker 74-73  
Bulkley Valley Christian over Caledonia Jr 63-39   Sparwood over South Slocan 83-55  
Nechako Valley over Smithers 74-73   Creston over Mt. Baker 81-75  
Caledonia Sr over Kelly Rd 57-30   Selkirk over South Slocan 73-36  
Prince George over College Heights 81-42   Creston [FINAL] over Fernie [FINAL] 107-70  
Smithers over Caledonia Jr 65-48    
Bulkley Valley Christian over Nechako Valley 67-61   SALMON ARM TOURNAMENT  
Kelly Rd over College Heights 62-55   Okanagan Mission over Kelowna "B" 68-56  
Prince George [FINAL] over Caledonia Sr [FINAL] 96-63   Okanagan Mission over Rutland 65-60  
  Salmon Arm over Aberdeen Hall W  
  Penticton over Pleasant Valley W  
DECEMBER 13 - DECEMBER 20, 2015   Golden over Langley Fundamental W  
  Kelowna "B" over Osoyoos W  
Brentwood College over Gulf Islands (LEAGUE) 83-63   Salmon Arm over Penticton W  
  Pleasant Valley over Aberdeen Hall W  
WEDNESDAY   Salmon Arm over Golden W  
New Westminster over Centennial 72-60   Pleasant Valley over Langley Fundamental W  
McNair over North Delta 85-64   Osoyoos over Aberdeen Hall W  
Queen Elizabeth over Earl Marriott 97-53   Rutland over Pleasant Valley W  
Delta over Argyle 83-64   Kelowna "B" over Langley Fundamental W  
THURSDAY   Penticton over Golden W  
Argyle over Earl Marriott 81-74   Salmon Arm [FINAL] over Okanagan Mission [FINAL] 68-49  
Centennial over North Delta 64-51      
McNair over New Westminster 86-78   JANUARY 17, 2016 to JANUARY 23, 2016  
Delta over Queen Elizabeth 68-58    
FRIDAY   St. Thomas Aquinas over Seycove 111-71  
North Delta over Earl Marriott 79-76   Gulf Islands over Duncan Christian 75-60  
Centennial over Argyle 54-46   South Kamloops over Valleyview 54-45  
Queen Elizabeth over New Westminster 71-62   G. W. Graham over Lambrick Park 99-63  
Delta [FINAL] over McNair [FINAL] 81-57   Mark Isfeld over Kwalikum 45-22  
  G. W. Graham over St. Michaels 71-57  
BURNABY SOUTH TOURNAMENT   Mark Isfeld over Nanaimo 76-50  
WEDNESDAY   College Heights over Caledonia 58-56  
Kitsilano over Fleetwood Park 88-65   Smithers over Caledonia 74-71  
Byrne Creek over Burnaby South 63-59   Shawnigan Lake over Brentwood College 66-48  
Sir Winston Churchill over Sentinel 121-93   Oak Bay over Tamanawis 85-71  
Lord Byng over Panorama Ridge 67-57   Walnut Grove over Oak Bay 79-76  
THURSDAY   Princess Margaret (PEN) over South Okanagan 70-65  
Kitsilano over Byrne Creek in OT 96-94    
Panorama Ridge over Sentinel 72-64   YALE TOURNAMENT  
Sir Winston Churchill over Lord Byng 81-54   THURSDAY  
Burnaby South over Fleetwood Park 72-49   Yale over Sentinel 93-87  
FRIDAY   Panorama Ridge over Kelowna "B" W  
Fleetwood Park over Sentinel 70-59   Lord Byng over Rutland 78-57  
Burnaby South over Panorama Ridge 66-63   Lord Tweedsmuir over Delta W  
Byrne Creek over Lord Byng 81-77   FRIDAY  
Sir Winston Churchill [FINAL] over Kitsilano [FINAL] 97-74   Sentinel v Kelowna "B" ?  
  Rutland v Delta ?  
BERT CHURCH TOURNAMENT (AIRDRIE AB)   Yale over Lord Byng in OT 87-74  
Golden over Diefenbaker (Calgary AB) 89-58   Panorama Ridge over Lord Tweedsmuir L  
Chestermere (AB) over Golden 80-55   SATURDAY  
Golden [3rd] over Bert Church (Airdrie AB) 78-58   ? v ? ?  
  ? v ? ?  
St. Francis (Honolulu) over Dover Bay (senior girls) in OT 43-40   Panorama Ridge [FINAL] over Yale [FINAL] 99-82  
St. Francis (Honolulu) over Windsor 65-29    
Damien Memorial (Honolulu) over Port Moody 59-43   ERIC HAMBER TOURNAMENT  
South Kamloops over Hawaiian Mission (Honolulu) 63-28   THURSDAY  
  Britannia over Vancouver Tech 80-54  
DECEMBER 21, 2015 - JANUARY 2, 2016   Eric Hamber over J. N. Burnett 71-48  
  Richmond over Johnson Heights 85-60  
Chief Seath (WA) over Lambrick Park 77-60   John Oliver over Sardis 76-71  
Oak Bay over Mount Douglas 67-58   FRIDAY  
Lambrick Park over Mount Douglas 72-69   J. N. Burnett over Vancouver Tech 71-57  
Chief Seath (WA) over Oak Bay 63-48   Sardis over Johnson Heights 85-50  
Nanaimo over Mount Douglas 67-57   Britannia over Eric Hamber 77-69  
Abbotsford over Notre Dame 54-52   John Oliver over Richmond 86-78  
St. Michaels over Nanaimo 48-43   SATURDAY  
  Johnson Heights over Vancouver Tech 109-48  
MONDAY   Richmond over Eric Hamber 84-78  
Windsor over Aiea 44-43   Britannia [FINAL] over John Oliver [FINAL] 59-50  
McKinley (Honolulu) over Port Moody 48-33    
St. Louis (Honolulu) over Windsor 65-30   MATTHEW MCNAIR TOURNAMENT  
Maryknoll I (Honolulu) over Dover Bay (senior girls) 72-15   THURSDAY  
Maryknoll (Honolulu) over South Kamloops 49-32   Matthew McNair over Sir Charles Tupper 92-62  
TUESDAY   McRoberts over Windsor 75-53  
ALL TEAMS TO ATTEND AUBURN vs NEW MEXICO NCAA DIV 1 GAME   King George over King's Christian 94-36  
Port Moody over Aiea 46-37   Gladstone over MacNeill 76-52  
Pearl City over South Kamloops 44-43   FRIDAY  
Damien Memorial (Honolulu) over Dover Bay (senior girls) 49-42   MacNeill over King's Christian 72-49  
Maryknoll (Honolulu) over Windsor 68-36   Sir Charles Tupper over Windsor 63-56  
WEDNESDAY   Matthew McNair over McRoberts 89-71  
South Kamloops over McKinley (Honolulu) 45-35   King George over Gladstone 76-66  
Maryknoll (Honolulu) over Port Moody 42-32   SATURDAY  
Dover Bay (senior girls) over Maryknoll II (Honolulu) 42-30   Windsor v King's Christian  
  MacNeill over Sir Charles Tupper 81-56  
TAMANAWIS INVITATIONAL   Gladstone over McRoberts 80-50  
MONDAY   King George [FINAL] over Matthew McNair [FINAL] 79-51  
Panorama Ridge over Vancouver College 80-50    
Lord Byng over Burnaby South 56-45   ST. JOHN'S JAM  
Wilson (Tacoma WA) over W. J. Mouat 113-61   THURSDAY  
Tamanawis over Lord Tweedsmuir 98-76   Delview over BC Christian Academy 71-48  
TUESDAY   St. Patrick's over Richmond Christian 90-57  
W. J. Mouat over Vancouver College 79-72   St. John's over Mulgrave 63-30  
Burnaby South over Lord Tweedsmuir 77-61   West Point Grey over Unity Christian 64-50  
Wilson (Tacoma WA) over Panorama Ridge 80-73   FRIDAY  
Tamanawis over Lord Byng 94-62   Delview  over St George's "B" 98-50  
WEDNESDAY   St. Patrick's over Elphinstone 62-36  
Vancouver College over Lord Tweedsmuir 89-69   Unity Christian over Mulgrave 62-40  
W. J. Mouat over Burnaby South 75-68   BC Christian Academy over Richmond Christian 62-49  
Panorama Ridge over Lord Byng 73-62   St. John's over Barrière 67-57  
Wilson (Tacoma WA) [FINAL] over Tamanawis in OT [FINAL] 100-95   West Point Grey over Glenlyon Norfolk 64-46  
  St. Patrick's over Delview  2-0  
  West Point Grey over St. John's 80-66  
  Elphinstone over St George's "B" 65-55  
  Glenlyon Norfolk over Barrière 64-61  
  Richmond Christian over Mulgrave 82-42  
  St George's "B" over Barrière 81-76  
  Unity Christian over BC Christian Academy 75-64  
  Elphinstone over Glenlyon Norfolk 81-50  
  St. John's over Delview  47-43  
  St. Patrick's [FINAL] over West Point Grey [FINAL] 91-41  
  Earl Marroit over Elgin Park 82-44  
  Pinetree over Prince of Wales 86-64  
  Kwantlen Park over Seaquam 75-57  
  Seycove over Clayton Heigths 70-62  
  Elgin Park over Prince of Wales 67-45  
  Clayton Heigths over Seaquam 78-63  
  Pinetree over Earl Marroit 93-59  
  Seycove over Kwantlen Park 69-58  
  Seaquam over Prince of Wales 85-56  
  Clayton Heigths over Elgin Park 84-76  
  Kwantlen Park over Earl Marroit 76-65  
  Seycove [FINAL] over Pinetree [FINAL] 102-99  
  JANUARY 24 - JANUARY 30, 2016  
  Duncan Chrisitan over Nanaimo Christian 83-48  
  Sir Winston Churchill over Oak Bay 84-74  
  G. P. Vanier over Semiamoo 72-61  
  Nechako Valley over Smithers 61-55  
  Smithers over Correlieu 80-42  
  Prince George over Smithers 88-81  
  Okanagan Mission over Pleasant Valley 83-57  
  South Okanagan over Summerland 67-51  
  South Okanagan over Pleasant Valley 127-47  
  Okanagan Mission over Summerland 70-63  
  Summerland over Pleasant Valley 79-61  
  South Okanagan [FINAL] over Okanagan Mission [FINAL] 97-72