2013-14 Game Scores
(L) = League game
November 25 to November 30, 2013   December 30, 2013 to January 4, 2014   January 27, 2013 to February 1, 2014
St. Michaels University School over Mount Douglas 70-52   Lambrick Park over Granite Falls (WA) 68-65   Kwalikum over Highland (L) 54-47
Cowichan over Wellington 65-46   Valleyview over Caledonia 65-52   John Barsby over Nanaimo 69-52
West Point Grey over Collingwood 75-52   Valleyview over Caledonia 68-60   R. C. Palmer over Richmond Christian 100-64
Edward Milne over Belmont 60-58   Westsyde over Caledonia W   Delview over Marburg (Germany) 71-70
Oak Bay over Dover Bay 70-54   Westsyde over Caledonia W   Notre Dame over St. Patrick's 74-58
Gulf Islands over Edward Milne 97-50   Delview over Kwantlen Park 60-52   Collingwood over Howe Sound 78-59
Bishop Carrol (AB) over Gulf Islands W   MacNeill over Delview 81-77   Semiahmoo over Claremont 96-87
Bishop Carrol (AB) over Edward Milne W   Delview over Panorama Ridge 101-65   Semiahmoo over G. P. Vanier 80-63
Bishop Carrol (AB) over Belmont (OT) 63-56     Elphinstone over Seycove 71-29
Belmont over St. Michaels "B" 63-61   January 6, 2013 to January 11, 2014  
St. Thomas Aquinas over Howe Sound 88-64     Sa-Hali Invitational
Bodwell over Carson Graham 59-52   A. R. MacNeill over R. C. Palmer (L) 87-80   Westsyde over South Okanagan 73-66
Elphinstone over Handsworth 68-63   Valleyview over NorKam 62-50   Westsyde over D. P. Todd 58-41
Bodwell over Argyle 79-26   Brentwood College over Gulf Islands (L) 57-49   D. P. Todd over South Okanagan 79-66
Sentinel over Bodwell 80-59   Elphinstone over St. Thomas Aquinas 68-58   Clarence Fulton over Valleyview 72-51
  Elphinstone over Sentinel 67-64   Clarence Fulton over Sa-Hali (2OT) 74-71
Saanich Slam   Elphinstone over Argyle 70-47   Valleyview over Sa-Hali 73-67
Lambrick Park over Stelly's 65-46   Elphinstone over Hugh Boyd 63-46   Sa-Hali over South Okanagan 74-67
Claremont over G. P. Vanier 70-54   West Vancouver over Elphinstone 74-68   5th 6th
Lambrick Park over G. P. Vanier 94-62   St. Michaels University School over Belmont 90-54   Valleyview over D. P. Todd 71-69
Stelly's over Kwalikum 54-49   South Okanagan over Princess Margaret (Penticton) 76-54   3rd 4th
Claremont over Cowichan 67-56   Nanaimo over Ballenas (L) 41-25   Westsyde over Clarence Fulton 50-48
G. P. Vanier over Kwalikum 78-38   Sir Charles Tupper over R. C. Palmer (OT) 87-80   1st 2nd
  Charles Hays over Caledonia 56-39  
ISA Tournament @ St. Michaels University School   Charles Hays over Caledonia 61-52   February 3, 2013 to February 8, 2014
Southridge over West Point Grey 55-52   Robert Bateman Invitational   St. Thomas Aquinas over Collingwood 80-77
Mulgrave over St. George's "B" 45-44   Highland over Westview 74-37   St. Thomas Aquinas over Bodwell 81-73
Collingwood over Glenlyon Norfolk 93-50   Highland over Bookswood 74-38   Belmont over Timberline 63-35
St. John's over Shawnigan Lake 75-57   Robert Bateman over Highland 72-54   Highland over Belmont 70-52
West Point Grey over St. George's "B" 58-36     Oak Bay over Cowichan 60-48
Glenlyon Norfolk over Shawnigan Lake 59-52   Wellington Invitatiaonal   Mark Isfeld over Ladysmith (L) 59-15
Brentwood College over Southridge 76-60   Wellington over Carihi +30   Westsyde over NorKam 68-40
St. Michaels University School over St. John's 97-46   Wellington over Nanaimo 74-59   Westsyde over Merrit W
Saturday   Dover Bay over Wellington 63-58   South Okanagan over George Elliot 72-42
Brentwood College over Mulgrave (semi) 62-27   Nanaimo over Carihi 44-42   South Okanagan over Summerland 99-52
St. Michaels University School over Collingwood (semi) 65-45   Nanaimo over Gulf Islands 51-47   G. P. Vanier over Wellington 63-53
Shawnigan Lake over St. George's "B" 48-31   Dover Bay over Gulf Islands 79-49   Edward Miline over Timberline 65-52
9th 10th   D. W. Poppy over Carihi +10   Elphinstone over Collingwood 67-46
West Point Grey over Glenlyon Norfolk 61-57   Dover Bay over D. W. Poppy W   Archbishop Carney over D. W. Poppy 75-70
6th 8th   Gulf Islands over D. W. Poppy W   G. W. Graham over Archbishop Carney 103-83
Southridge over St. John's 20ish     Golden over Salmon Arm 67-53
5th 7th   BC Christian Championship   Bowness (AB) over Golden 74-64
Collingwood over Mulgrave 20+   Duncan Christian over High Road 88-23   Golden over Henry Wisewood (AB) 80-75
3rd 4th   Duncan Christian over Pacific Christian 53-26   Golden over Spruce Grove (AB) 75-43
St. Michaels University School over Brentwood College 66-51   Unity Christian over Duncan Christian 57-49  
1st 2nd   Duncan Christian over Langley Christian 79-50   1A North Island Playoffs
    Duncan Christian over Chemainus 103-18
Sutherland Tournament   Rutland Tournament   Campbell River Christian over Dwight Canada 51-38
McMath over Spectrum 81-53   South Okanagan over Rutland 77-55   Dwight Canada over Chemainus 57-44
A. R. MacNeill over Spectrum 64-22   South Okanagan over Nechako Valley 102-67   Ucluelet over Campbell River Christian 77-44
Windsor over Spectrum 67-32   Mount Boucherie over South Okanagan 90-74   Duncan Christian over Ucluelet 88-72
    Duncan Christian wins North Islands
December 2 to December 7, 2013   January 13, 2013 to January 18, 2014  
    February 10, 2013 to February 15, 2014
A. R. MacNeill over John Oliver 81-45   Elphinstone over St. Thomas Aquinas (L) 89-75  
Archbishop Carney over Thomas Haney (L) 64-50   John Barsby over Highland (L) 66-62   Richmond Playoffs
Bodwell over Carson Graham 59-52   Valleyview over Merritt (L) 73-44   R. C. Palmer over Richmond (L) 90-87
Bodwell over Collingwood (L) 56-52   D. P. Todd over College Heights (L) 96-56   A. R. MacNeill over Cambie (L) 82-65
St. Michaels University School over Gulf Islands 78-52   Elphinstone over Howe Sound (L) 82-50   Mark Isfled over Carihi 55-24
Mark Isfeld over Brentwood College 57-40   D. P. Todd over Vanderhoof 80-61   Delview over Pacific Acadmey 77-58
Lambrick Park over Shawnigan Lake 76-37   Woodlands over Ladysmith (L) +3  
Heritage Woods over Delview 108-48   Wellington over Ballenas (L) +20   February 17, 2013 to February 22, 2014
BC Christian over Delview 76-56   Ucluelet over Campbell River Christian 76-35  
Elphinstone over Windsor 62-58   Ucluelet over Dwight International 97-45   Duncan Christian over Edward Milne 71-59
Mark Isfeld over Shawnigan Lake 68-29   Dwight International over Campbell River Christian 55-53  
Lambrick Park over Brentwood College 81-67   Archbishop Carney over G. W. Graham +3  
Fraser Heights over Delview 78-58    
Walnut Grove over Oak Bay 75-54   Mission Tournament  
Pitt Meadows over Oak Bay 66-58   G. W. Graham over Westview W  
Ballenas over Woodlands 58-57   G. W. Graham over Mission W  
Collingwood over Archbishop Carney 80-64   Charles Best over G. W. Graham W  
St. Thomas Aquinas over Carson Graham 72-60   Charles Best places 1st  
Nanaimo over Kwalikum 63-52    
  Steveston-London Tournament  
December 9 to December 14, 2013   Valleyview over John Oliver 75-48    
  Valleyview over NorKam 76-70  
Collingwood over Seycove 80-28   Valleyview over Steveston-London 76-67  
D. P. Todd over Kelly Road 97-26   Valleyview places 1st  
Alberni over Ballenas 85-40    
Elphinstone over Mulgrave 73-50   Prince George Tournament  
Woodlands over Highland (L) 66-35   D. P. Todd over Correileu 90-48  
Westsyde over Valleyview (L) 71-57   D. P. Todd over North Peace 87-72  
Westsyde over Delview 58-43   D. P. Todd over Prince George 83-53  
Gleneagle over Cowichan 60-45   D. P. Todd places 1st  
Walnut Grove over Cowichan 86-46    
Semiahmoo over Cowichan 65-55   Britannia Tournament  
Lambrick Park over Wellington 79-68   Mark Isfeld over Windsor 67-38  
R.C. Palmer over St. Michaels University School 81-76   Mark Isfeld over West Vancouver 74-66  
R.C. Palmer over Lambrick Park 91-86   Mark Isfeld over Pinetree 57-39  
St. Michaels University School over Wellington 74-42   Mark Isfeld places 1st  
Kwalikum over Ladysmith (L) 54-39    
Kwalikum over Ballenas 54-43   January 20, 2013 to January 25, 2014  
December 16 to December 28, 2013   John Barsby over Ladysmith (L) 56-20  
  Archbishop Carney over Langley Christian 85-62  
Sportvictoria Christmas Classic on O'ahu   Delview over Southridge (L) 68-49  
Sacred Hearts Academy over Mount Douglas (girls) 52-30   Clarence Fulton over Kalamalka (L) 89-47  
Kailua over West Point Grey 51-42   Mark Isfeld over Carihi (L) 67-45  
West Point Grey Academy over Hawaiian Baptist Academy 44-43   Westsyde over Valleyview (L) 78-65  
West Point Grey Academy over Christian Academy 68-33   D. P. Todd over Duchess Park 117-23  
Kalaheo over Mount Douglas (girls) 44-28   Kwalikum over Woodlands (L) 59-36  
Hawaiian Mission Academy over Mount Douglas (girls) 37-34   Lambrick Park over Belmont 104-66  
West Point Grey Academy over Hawaiian Mission Academy 63-45   Duncan Christian over Victoria 81-60  
Hawaiian Baptist Academy over Mount Douglas (girls) 32-23   Delview over St. George's "B" 90-42  
  Bodwell over Elphinstone (L) 66-57  
Edward Milne Wolverine Classic   R. C. Palmer over Elphinstone 82-71  
Cedar over Belmont 83-79   Elphinstone over St. Patrick's 57-46  
Reynolds over Edward Milne 64-51   Elphinstone over St. John's 64-50  
Cedar over Parkland 93-70   A. R. MacNeill over St. Thomas Aquinas 75-64  
Reynolds over Belmont 60-53   St. Thomas Aquinas over Bodwell (L) 67-53  
Edward Milne over Parkland 63-59   Cariboo Hill over Burnaby North 59-38  
Reynolds over Parkland 81-61   Princess Margaret (Pen) over South Okanagan 58-56  
Belmont over Edward Milne 54-47    
Edward Milne over Cedar 86-77   Kicking Horse Classic @ Golden  
Belmont over Parkland 54-51   Golden over Fernie 64-36  
Cedar over Reynolds (OT) 77-74   Valleyview over Golden 67-62  
Reynolds over Cedar 74-59   Golden over Mount Baker 71-53  
Nanaimo over Ladysmith 53-35   Hugh Roberts Tournament  
Pacific Christian over Victoria 71-64   Parkland Okanagan Mission 57-49  
Thomas Haney over Langley Christian 45-44   David Thompson (Van) Parkland 75-31  
Claremont over Yale 89-56   Byrne Creek Parkland 97-55  
Claremont over Terry Fox 75-66   Parkland finishes 5th  
Delview over Sullivan Heights 78-57    
Kwantlen Park over Delview 69-42    
Valleyview over Sa-Hali 67-41    
Westsyde over Valleyview 57-54    
Archbishop Murphy Invitatiaonal - Everett WA    
Lambrick Park over Archbishop Murphy, WA (OT) 69-68    
Sedro Woolley, WA over Lambrick Park 75-46    
Lambrick Park over Washington (Tacoma), WA 53-37  
Lambrick Park takes 3rd