Well... this is what Delta Airlines did to my bag.

On October 18, 2010, I flew home from Las Vegas to Victoria - because my tickets were with Delta (wasn't my choice), I had to fly to Salt Lake City, then Seattle, then Victoria.  Somewhere in there, Delta baggage handlers put one of my bags onto a surface that was VERY, VERY hot.

As a result... well... they "cooked" one of my bags - and it was two days late for me getting it back (picked it up on Wednesday October 20).

There are four pictures and three videos.  Video #1 is 19 meg so it will take some time to load, video two is 3 meg and video three is 7 meg.

Pic # 1        Pic # 2        Pic # 3        Pic # 4

Video # 1    Video # 2    Video # 3

Horizon/Alaska Air were the carriers for the last part of my trip - they have been great from start to finish.  Unfortunately, based on the air carriers agreement, Horizon Air is the one that ends up paying for the damage done by Delta.  Which Horizon Air has done without question or hassle.